She Owns Success Podcast

She Owns Success Podcast

PODCAST – Erin Ardleigh is the founder of Dynama Insurance, an independent brokerage representing some of America’s largest and most reputable insurance companies. After starting her career in marketing, Erin made an interesting transition to a career in insurance, a move that would later lead to her launching Dynama insurance. But while Erin is passionate about her business and about providing no-nonsense, jargon-free insurance education to her clients, her success might not have happened had she listened to all the advice she received along the way. 

In fact, Erin’s success has come as a result of ignoring much of the advice she received at the start of her journey, and in this interview, Erin shares why you need to ignore other people’s fears and go your own way. 

When it comes to life and business Erin warns of the pitfalls of taking on other people’s fears and instead advises that you should:

Go with your gut, go with your dream, and don’t let other people’s fears and misconceptions slow you down.

Having built a successful career and business in the insurance industry, Erin knows what it takes to succeed in a male-dominated industry. On this she says:

Women have an advantage in the insurance industry and in the financial industry in general. I think being a woman in this man’s world is an advantage and I don’t think women should shy away from it. More women would be coming this way.



Juggling all the different things that need to be done!

How does she manage this?

Timebox, give it a specific time and schedule!

Let go of perfection, you just can’t do it all

Words of Wisdom

On the benefits of travel 

I think a lot of the traits about traveling are similar to running a business like listening, being willing to see things in a different way, and understanding a different perspective.

On being who you are:

Embrace who and what you are and don’t try to hide it. 

If you’re gonna do it, do it differently but be honest and own it!

On getting started:

Don’t have fear, don’t be afraid to fail.