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NerdWallet: What to Do if You Can’t Pay for Insurance Due to Coronavirus

If you’re tight on money due to the coronavirus pandemic, insurance premiums may be relatively low on your list of concerns. Instead of simply not paying your bills, be proactive and reach out to your insurer. Companies are increasingly willing to work with customers facing financial hardship right now. Some state insurance departments are encouraging […]

Digital Journal: COVID-19 and the Impact on Long Term Care Insurance

One of the most upsetting impacts of COVID-19 is how devastating it has been to seniors and specifically, to residents of nursing homes. Thousands of residents in long-term care facilities fell ill or died due to the pandemic and many were also isolated from family members to abide by social distancing/quarantine guidelines. While most people […]

Axios: No, Insurance Doesn’t Cover That

Irate business owners are finding out the hard way that their insurance policies don’t cover coronavirus — and they’re suing. Why it matters: No matter how big a premium a company might pay for business interruption insurance, most policies only cover physical damage to a property, not the loss of use of a hotel, restaurant or other building […]

Advisor Magazine: Sharpening Your Focus on the Bottom Line

Ms. Ardleigh is the founder and president of Dynama Insurance, with expertise in private client products and cross-border planning for international clients. Visit Agents and brokers that primarily sell life insurance are in a tough spot. Their compensation is at odds with their desire to service their clients. High first-year compensation and low renewals […]

Axios: Insurance Companies Battle Their Clients Over the Coronavirus

The legal and legislative fight over how much insurance companies must pay for coronavirus-related losses is just starting, and it’s likely to get uglier. Why it matters: COVID-19 is, as one insurance industry executive puts it, “the biggest insured loss event in history.” For many companies, a successful insurance claim will make the difference between staying […]

Think Advisor: When 75% of the Life Insurance Clients Have Left Town

Erin Ardleigh is helping her insurance clients replace the brick-and-mortar infrastructure that was with something virtual. Today, she’s providing about 100% of her services through the web, or through the telephone. “We find that clients are perfectly happy with that,” Ardleigh said in a recent interview. Ardleigh is the president of Dynama Insurance, a life and […]

TV Grapevine: Insurance Policies for Divorcing Couples

Newly divorced talk show host Wendy Williams was “forced” to hold a $1 million life insurance policy for her ex in their divorce settlement according to recent headlines. It may sound egregious, but insurance expert Erin Ardleigh, founder of Dynama Insurance can explain why this slice of a divorce story is not unique to celebrities. She recently spoke to […]

Grit With Grace Podcast: The Entrepreneur Sessions

PODCAST – Randy: Hello, this is Randy Kaufman from Aker Advisors. Welcome to the third episode of season two of “To Grit with Grace,” stories of perseverance to jumpstart your month. This year, we’re hosting “To Grit with Grace: The Entrepreneur Sessions.” Each month, we release a podcast. Please join for the stories, the music, […]